The Sassy Cookie – Perth WA

Review and photos by Valerie Fowler

Review Sassy Cookie
Review Sassy Cookie
Review Sassy Cookie

The cafe name says it all; Sassy means lively, bold and full of spirit; cheeky, and this shines through on the plate.

Upon entering the Cafe, a renovated period home on a side street, I was immediately taken back by the colour and old world charm of this establishment. The aromas and cake display were divine, I had to stop and take a deep breath, and immediately regretted my choice to wear fitted pants and not the elastic variety. “The cake display was calling”

Once seated, I was faced with a gorgeous little teapot shaped biscuit perched nicely in a vintage trio set which was in keeping with the theme. This high tea is different in the sense it has four (4) courses served like a degustation menu. Given this, the plates were served individually yet displayed on a traditional three tier stand. The courses in order were; sandwiches, savoury, scones and sweets with a palette cleanser prior to the sweets. The palette cleanser was a really nice touch and point of difference and reiterated the degustation theme.

The double decker sandwiches were lovely and fresh, with a mix of brown and white bread and perfectly sized. Salmon with Caper Aioli / Creamy Egg & Dill; Chicken, Walnut & Sweet onion chilli jam with spinach and Herb butter. If the sweet onion and chilli jam had been available to buy I would have walked out with a handful of jars, it was totally addictive.

This was followed by a savoury plate consisting of Cornish Pasties with homemade chutney, Mushroom and Pate Filo money bags, Parmesan round with beetroot, cashew and feta, and a spicy sweet potato and date boat. The flavours were all amazing and the pastry made to perfection. There seemed to be a few countries on the plate with the inclusion of money bags and the spicy date boat, which made the selections for this course interesting.

Scones traditionally come with jam and cream but the Sassy ladies have added their own flare; Cranberry Scones with Rose Petal Butter & forest Berry preserve; Date & Walnut with Orange Blossom Butter & Apricot and Macadamia Conserve, both served with Chantilly Cream! The flavour and texture were delicious. The aroma of freshly baked scones and the combination of the above flavours were a winner. Need I say anymore!

The Sweet were as equally delightful as everything else. I loved the Chocolate Tulip Cups with apricot cheese cake and Mini Lemon Meringue, chased down with a Mixed Berry Shottie with Florence chocolate. The menu throughout the whole tea was very well thought through and the citrus, berry and chocolate options for sweets were no exception. By this stage, we were thinking coffee and we were pleasantly surprised that plunger coffee was included in the price.

Beverages seemed to be unlimited and we ordered numerous pot of tea. The Sassy Cookie are the distributors for TBar, an Adelaide based tea company. TBar has a great range of loose leaf teas even one called “High Tea” which was really nice. We had four different pots of tea and they were all lovely.
Most of the ingredients are made on site with only a few elements bought in, purely for time restrictions and cost. This is predominately a bakery and that is most definitely their strength, all the baked goods were second to none.

The food was so delicious and the setting so relaxing, it felt a bit of a shame to only have two (2) hours to enjoy it all. Two hours for a traditional High Tea is plenty, but being in the style of a degustation with four (4) courses, on numerous occasions throughout the sitting we felt rushed to move on to the next course. This is unfortunate and does take away from the experience. An extra hour would have been great to relax into the experience and end with a cup of tea / coffee. Any restructure of the timing would be beneficial, because the venue is conducive to relaxing conversation and the fabulous food would be great to savour.

In summary, I would highly recommend this venue for a cosy casual high tea it ticks all the boxes and for four courses, pots of tea and plunger coffee this is amazing value for money. Oh and let’s not forget the cute teapot biscuit that I consumed whole heartedly on the drive home, that just topped it off.
I apologise for the blurry photos, I am working on my photography skills.

The sittings for high teas are from 2pm to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.
Cost $42. BYO Alcohol.
Espresso Coffee is available for an extra $5.

Please note: Price correct at time of publishing, please see our directory listing for venue details.