F&G_03I have always believed that every cup has a story. Whether it’s stories shared between friends over a cup of tea or the family history behind a treasured vintage tea set passed down through generations. These shared memories transform these objects from mere cups into treasured keepsakes that remind us of dear friends and family.

I have always loved the High Tea experience. It is a gorgeous way to catch up with friends and family, and of course there is the endless array of fine bone china and dainty treats to enjoy.

It is also a truly multigenerational event – one of the few social occasions that you can enjoy with your daughter, mother, grandmother, or even your great grandmother.

The story of Floral & Gold starts with my Grandmother Eva, a classic, positive, ever elegant lady. Born and raised in England, drinking tea from a fine china cup was a daily ritual for Eva. When she was a young mother during the 1950s, Eva fell in love with a beautiful floral and gold rimmed tea set. Such a purchase was a luxury during those times and Eva was accustomed to forgoing wants and needs to provide for her family.

But her son Mal did not forget how much his mother loved that gorgeous tea set. After he got his first paid job, Mal began to slowly purchase the tea set piece by piece for Eva until finally her favourite Floral & Gold tea set was complete.

My Grandmother drank from that set every day until she passed on in 2009 at the age of 97. As Mal’s only child this beautiful set was passed on to me to love, cherish and enjoy.

In keeping with my story, Floral & Gold is a celebration of the time-honoured ritual of drinking tea, the art of High Tea and all the trappings that go along with it. Everything you find here has been written and selected with loving care, so please make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy browsing.